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Leaders of Phoenix and San Antonio CVBs Place Friendly Wager

Release Date: May 04, 2007

PHOENIX, Ariz. (May 4, 2007)- Who says the West isn't wild anymore?

Around high noon on Thursday, Scott White, the President and CEO of the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau, challenged his Phoenix counterpart, Steve Moore, to a wager on the outcome of the NBA playoff series between the Phoenix Suns and San Antonio Spurs. Moore, a swaggering native Texan, quickly accepted the challenge, whose rules are these: If the Suns defeat the Spurs, White must wear a Suns shirt and cap for an entire workday; conversely, if the Spurs win the playoff series, Moore must don San Antonio garb to the office.

The history between these two visitor-industry outlaws is (almost) as legendary as the lore that surrounds the Alamo, and their rivalry is (nearly) as prickly as one of Phoenix's famed saguaro cacti. During a five-year stint as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the Phoenix CVB, White was Moore's No. 2 man, effectively playing Festus to Moore's Marshal Dillon. But last September, White decided to saddle up and ride to San Antonio, where he is now (quite literally) making headlines as a wild-eyed visionary.

White is counting on the Spurs to help him upstage his friend and former boss. But Moore has the NBA's most prolific offense on his side. If the underdog Spurs can't slow down reigning league MVP Steve Nash and his pace-pushing Phoenix teammates, White may soon find himself sporting a garish ensemble of orange and purple in front of his new Texas posse.


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