“The desert is just ugly dirt and rock,” said no one who has properly explored Phoenix’s Sonoran Desert landscape. These six talented Instagrammers capture the beauty of the land and Phoenix outdoor adventure opportunities better than most.


1. @mass2az

Rod Small—aka Dirty Desert Photography—has a knack for capturing the untamed wild horses of the Salt River.


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2. @ny_2_az

Need inspiration for your next hike?  Patrick’s account will have you rushing to lace up your hiking boots —very likely for a trek in the Superstition Mountains.


  A photo posted by Patrick (@ny_2_az) on


3. @_darren22

This is another account aspiring hikers should be following; not just for Phoenix hike ideas, but also day trips to spots around Arizona.


A photo posted by Darren De Santiago (@_darren22) on


4. @tylerbarks

Tyler chronicles his desert adventures from the easy-to-hike trails of Papago Park to the muscle-burning climbs of Camelback Mountain and more.


A photo posted by Tyler Barks (@tylerbarks) on


5. @lajphotos

If you know someone who thinks the desert is just brown on brown on brown, promptly direct them to this account cataloging the myriad colors of the land.


A photo posted by LAJphotos (@lajphotos) on


6. @jharvey33

Prickly cactus pose before fiery sunsets in this catalog of raw, rugged desert beauty.


A photo posted by jharvey33 (@jharvey33) on


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