Angels Trumpet Ale House exterior, beer list, and door. The broom on the door indicates that ale had been freshly brewed there. The practice dates back to Saxon times when wayside taverns or ale houses erected on Roman roads were identified by means of a long pole.

Last year when the word got out that a brew house would be opening in downtown Phoenix I, along with the rest of downtown Phoenix, got very excited. Fast forward to the last week in August 2012, the much anticipated Angels Trumpet Ale House finally opened its doors. The craft brew house/restaurant is located just across the street from Filmbar, on 2nd Street just south of Roosevelt.

Salads at Angels Trumpet Ale House. Radish (L) and avocado (R).

Angels Trumpet Ale House has only been open for two weeks and I’ve already been twice. With over 35 craft beers on tap (and several wines on tap too), I’ll be in many more times to sample the local and not-so-local beers as they change. I’ve also had the chance to sample several items off the eclectic menu with friends. Not your typical menu, Angels Trumpet Ale House has sandwiches, flatbreads, salads, tacos, burritos and other seasonal items that you normally wouldn’t expect at a brew house. The standouts for me are the salads, which are made from fresh ingredients; including herbs to add an interesting flavor, and the seasonal pop tarts (we tried the strawberry rhubarb, yum).

Sandwiches from Angels Trumpet Ale House. Grilled cheese, vegetable meatloaf, PB&J with bacon and chicken.

Angels Trumpet Ale House recently started serving Sunday brunch and since they have a great patio — I’m really looking forward to trying it this fall.

Don't forget dessert!


Angels Trumpet Ale House is located at 810 North 2nd Street in downtown Phoenix.