Update: Jobot Coffee is now located at 333 E. Roosevelt St in downtown Phoenix.

Jobot Coffee

Located on 5th Street, just South of Roosevelt , Jobot Coffee is one of those places that you feel lucky to have found, no matter if you are a local or just visiting Phoenix. On a street with some of Phoenix’s more eclectic businesses, Jobot occupies an old historic home painted with bright colors and a sign that says “coffee.” Walking up to Jobot, I wished that it wasn’t so warm out so I could enjoy the expansive outdoor seating. I pictured myself sitting outside with my dog while enjoying an ice-cold toddy and listening to a DJ spinning during their Sunday “Beats-n-Brunch.”

When you get to the front door of Jobot you see a sign that says “Crepes! Buy one!” Well then, if you say so! I’ve always had a sweet vs. savory dilemma when it comes to crepes. Do I want chocolate sweetness or chorizo spiciness? As a sucker for anything with chorizo in it, I went with the savory option and ordered the chorizo crepe that comes with spicy house-made chorizo, egg, mozzarella, spinach, and homemade salsa. My other half went with root beer roasted pulled pork served with cilantro, pineapple and jalapeno on a bed of greens. We were both very impressed. My crepe was perfectly done and the mix of spicy chorizo was perfectly balanced with the rest of the ingredients. When my other half took a bite of his pork, he let out a satisfied, “Mmm”¦” Juicy and sweet, with a kick of jalapeno, the pulled pork was delicious; the sweet and spicy flavors ping ponged in your mouth.

Brunch is served!

Just as I was thinking about giving in to my sweet craving and ordering a second crepe, the cook came out and brought us a sweet crepe on the house. Yes! My savory wishes and sweet dreams had been fulfilled. The sweet crepe was filled with toasted almonds, chocolate chips and a light a fluffy sweet ricotta — almost so light a fluffy I first mistook it for whipped cream. I was in sweet and savory heaven.

Spicy chorizo goodness.

I had heard that Jobot has the best iced toddy (cold-brewed iced coffee) in Phoenix so I had to try it. I’m usually a sugar and cream kind of gal, but this drink was so smooth and refreshing, I drank it plain.

Iced toddy

Jobot Coffee is open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday, and until Midnight the rest of the week. There is free Wi-Fi, and if you are not a crepe fan, there are fresh-baked goods available as well.

Jobot Coffee is now located at 333 E. Roosevelt St in downtown Phoenix. You can find more photos from our visit to Jobot on Flickr.