Downtown Phoenix Public Market

Every Saturday morning and Wednesday evening, at the corners of Central Ave. and McKinley, a lot in the middle of the city rises into a bustling marketplace. Plump, juicy fresh produce, homemade breads, pastries, sauces, meat, dips, blooming herbs, flowers and plants come socialize together for the good of local shoppers and their desire for real local food.

Meandering through the open booths with local music saturating the neighborly feeling, there is a sense of wanting to spontaneously burst into cooking. Who knew the bounty of herbs would smell as delicious as the flowers, or that the mere sight of baskets filled with citrus would be as refreshing as a dip in the pool?

The locals knew. The Market just celebrated its fourth anniversary, and announced the plans to open a local grocery store on the same property. The store has a green light from the city, hopes to open by June, and will accommodate shoppers six days a week. 

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The Downtown Phoenix Public Market is located at 721 N Central Avenue, just two blocks south of Roosevelt. Accessible by Light Rail or parking is available on adjacent lots at no cost.

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