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Note: At the time this post was published, La Santisima Gourmet Taco Shop was known as La Condesa.


If I had to use one word to describe La Santisima it would be flavor. The tiny restaurant on 16th Street just North of McDowell is hands down one of the best places in Phoenix to get a taco, and the menu packs a flavorful punch. Everything from the salsa, to the horchata, to the tacos are full of flavor.

The first indication that you are in for a flavorful experience at La Condesa is the salsa bar. With over a dozen different kinds of salsa you’re tastebuds are in for a treat. These aren’t your typical salsas either. Have you ever had strawberry salsa? It was our favorite with La Condesa’s version of pico de gallo coming in at a close second.

Next on our flavorful adventure were the tacos. I ordered the Argentinean taco (note: this item is no longer on their menu), chopped steak with chimichurri and avocado. The steak was seasoned perfectly and the chimichurri had just enough kick in it. Delicious. I also had the Mayan Cochinita Pilbil taco, roasted pork shoulder with achiote rojo, topped with lime marinated onions and salsa. Another win. As a side, instead of making my a meal a combo with rice and beans, I ordered the calabacitas, which are squash prepped with a little oil and salt and then grilled. It was a nice addition to keep my meal light, as the tacos were very filling.

Last but not least is the horchata. I love homemade horchata and the horchata at La Condesa is the best I have ever had. A family recipe, La Condesa adds much more cinnamon than you’ll find in traditional horchata, along with fruit and pecans adding an extra spicy sweet flavor. La Santisima’s horchata is a dessert in itself. I took half of it home to drink later and ended up fishing out the leftover fruit and pecans not wanting it to be gone.

La Santisima is located at 1919 N. 16th Street in Phoenix. There is also a location in Glendale at 5932 W Glendale Ave.