Lola outside

*Note: As of February 2012 this location of Lola Coffee has been sold and is now called Citizen Espresso Bar. Many of the menu items remain the same.

A new coffee/lounge/overall-favorite-place opened on the corner Central Ave. and Highland in Phoenix, and I cannot contain my excitement. Though, it’s not exactly new. You may have seen my original Lola’s post, when it was the morning version of Lola Tapas, and if I loved it then, I adore it now in its new location (along the light rail, might I add).


You know I love the rich, smooth, caffeine beans, but this is THE BEST COFFEE IN PHOENIX.  Daniel Wayne, who opened Lux (which, okay fine, is the second best coffee in Phoenix), ventured on to Lola and brought every dreamy drop with him. My favorite is the mocha, which uses chocolate whipped cream on the European style latte. It’s so good that it’s almost a sin to get a small size of anything. Why rob yourself of even more enjoyment? Get a large. That’s my advice.

Lola coffee

The euphoric experience is only enhanced by the pastries that could pass for the richest of desserts and the lightest of morning snacks, from airy ciabbata bread to strawberry coffee cake, all from local wondershop Sweet Pea Bakery.

lola pastries

I also think they did something brilliantly which is surprisingly overlooked by many coffee shops, which is seating layout. Most restaurants have mastered the art of ambience and how seating areas flow into the experience, and Lola’s does this perfectly. Tables accommodate the wifi crowd while leather couches accommodate a small meeting or moment of relaxation. Lounge-like chairs with the newspaper nearby provide space for the individualist. No matter how busy, it never feels crowded. All that to say, it’s a reliable neighborhood place to be able to relax.

Can you tell I love Lola’s? If you would like to fall in love all over again with coffee, with the art of a handmade pastry, or with morning in general, head there now.  Even if you’re a night owl, Lola’s is open till 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights. Now you have no excuse.

Lola Coffee

4700 N Central Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85012

(602) 265-5652