I’m happy to report that I now have another restaurant to add to my list of Phoenix Faves. We are just now discovering Los Reyes de la Torta although we have lived only 5 miles from it for 11 years. I guess you could say we were a little slow to the punch on this one. But that’s all water under the bridge now. It’s officially moved to the top of our list for Mexican food.

And I have Facebook to thank. A fan of VisitPhoenix’s page recommended this place when we posed the question: “What’s your favorite Mexican restuarant in the Phoenix area?” Her answer: “Okay, if you want REAL Mexican food, not “Mexican-American”, you gotta try “Los Reyes de la Torta”. Authentic Mexico city style food.

Well, she wasn’t kidding. You won’t find burritos or enchiladas or even tortilla chips at this joint. What you will find is the real deal: quesadillas, tacos and Mexican sandwiches called tortas (big doesn’t even begin to describe them). They even serve up breakfast. The portions are huge, as you can see from the picure below, and the prices are small. What a great combo! Our bill totaled $15 before tip, and we left with lunch for the next day. Now that’s a deal.

9230 N. 7th Street, Phoenix