We’re writing this blog to tell you our favorite things in Phoenix. Lux Coffeebar is on my favorite-of-favorites list, which is why I was actually stunned to see that I haven’t written about it before.  I swore I had -I would have bet money (the fake monopoly kind, but still) that I had not missed the eclectic coffeeshop,  a real gem in Downtown Phoenix. 

So let me not continue this disservice any longer. Introducing……Lux Coffeebar to The Hot Sheet.


What’s so great about Lux? The unpretentiousness, the freedom, the vibe (the same vibe that makes me want to set up a home office inside Lux), the mindfulness. It is the grand mother of all my favorite coffee spots – Lola’s, LGO, Luci’s – and included in the group because of the awesomely superior beans and blend (they use a small coffee bean roaster so the beans are roasted fresh daily), but what makes all these places so unique is the setting. And even within the Lovely ‘L’s of coffee, Lux is unreplicated. Uncopied. Original. 

Lux in Phoenix

The art space on the wall, the tables for open internet usage, the loungey chairs, and the fab location of being right next to Pane Bianco in central Phoenix, all make it so indie, so cool.  It inspires their patrons to be philosophical, even asking questions  – 

Lux Ambition sign

"What is ambition? Do you have any?"

One particular day, that very question nearly stopped me in my tracks when placing my usual latte order, and I stared dumb at the cashier who had to repeat to me, “What can I get you from the coffee bar today?” As if I didn’t know what I wanted. But I did – that day, a vanilla latte with a shot of ambition, apparently.  It’s a good thing they weren’t asking about self control because I also stuttered over which delightful pastry to order, settling on a gooey brownie, that topped off my caprese sandwich from their neighbor.  Since it’s right off the light rail stop at Campbell and Central Avenue, that brownie/latte combo is drop-in accessible.

Lux is the kind of place that I want to yell about from the mountaintops, as even Phoenix loyalists have sometimes not heard about it. Not because it’s not wonderful, but because it’s humble. Like me, I’m sure many dedicated Lux patrons would like to keep it a secret, but no-can-do for a place that has realized its own ambitions so well.

Lux interior