Because breakfast seems so simple (it’s just a couple eggs, right?), that’s what makes it so difficult. Everyone, every city has those few places that are MUST-GOs. We put the power to the people, and let them vote on Phoenix area favorites. Between Orange Table, The Breakfast Club, Morning Glory Cafe, and Over Easy, Matt’s Big Breakfast climbed to the top of our “Favorite Breakfast Place” poll.

And for you loyal blog readers, you may be thinking, “They already wrote about Matt’s Big Breakfast!” What’s a blog to do.

Blog again, that’s what.

(Bigger! Better! Bloggier!)

And butter-ier.

Matt’s is owned by Matt and Erenia Pool, also of Roosevelt Tavern success, and has been featured in every local publication and the famous Guy Fieri on “Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives” on Food Network. Among all the accolades, the line of loyalists every morning waiting outside is the best testament to the deliciousness.

For a humble restaurant that only has about 30 seats, Matt’s is a well-oiled machine of friendliness and great service. But let’s talk about why you really go to Matt’s.  Here’s a summary:

Bacon and hashbrowns

A picture is worth a thousand taste buds. But good food is one-part recipe and one-part ingredients. The local prduce, jams and jellies, natural beef and meat, and the cage-free eggs are so rich with flavor, that when combined with Matt’s magic wand, it easily becomes a local favorite breakfast joint.

Matt's Big Waffles

Advice: When you go, get the waffle. Get the waffle as an appetizer, a side dish, dessert, anything. You must have it. Leave no waffle behind. In this economic time, everyone could use a good waffle (that’s my final appeal).

Advice #2: Get extra syrup. And a straw. It’s that good.

Advice #3: Go for lunch on a weekday and avoid waiting, even though it’s worth the wait.

Take it from the locals and make Matt’s your new favorite breakfast place!

801 N. 1st Street (1st and McKinley)

Phoenix, AZ


Note from Matt