Melrose Vintage is a shabby chic haven.

Inside Melrose Vintage

It’s tucked into the glorious 7th Avenue shopping district (the Melrose district, coincidentally), and while it offers vintage items (again-  in the name),  there are great pieces that really would work in any home. They have bedding, furniture, fabric, lighting, even a scrapbooking area. For gals, there are some amazing accessories from jewelry to hair thing-eys as well (men: what a great place to find a gift for your girl!).

I really love the way it’s set up, too, with a living room, a master bedroom, a kids room, but they’re not like an interior decorator showroom – it’s stocked with goods. It’s a perfect blend where you can rely on Melrose Vintage to have certain things all the time, but enough in rotation that it’s always new.

Melrose Vintage bedroom

Certain times of year you’ll also find really great garden items as well. It’s the kind of lplace where there’s somthing else amazing around every corner. You have to do a few laps to take it all in.

Melrose Vintage

4238 N 7th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85013-3069
(602) 636-0300

outside of Melrose Vintage