Years ago, my then-boyfriend now-husband asked me to go to “PCG.”  All I knew was that they had great food and that’s all I need to hear. I was thrown off when we pulled into this interesting shopping center on 16th Street and Bethany Home Road (right across from where Luci’s Healthy Marketplace is now), but realized very quickly that the exterior is really completely unrelated to the interior.

Phoenix City Grille

I immediately fell in love with the “classy” Southwest feel, the calming green walls, beautiful artwork, wood tables with character, and an extremely attentive staff. The menu was even more impressive, and every single time I go I start with the bacon-wrapped shrimp stuffed with cojita cheese, and from there it’s a toss-up. Usually I get the Rose Lane chicken, with all these herbs, which comes with horseradish mashed potatoes, tomatoes, asparagus in a jus that is amazing, or I get the pork tenderloin with jalapeno preserves, with these delicious goat cheese cakes and veggies. I am a big fan of the burger, too, and my husband always, always, always gets the jambalaya, which amongst seafood and spices also has Schreiner’s sausage, a local sausage company that provides meat to the best restaurants. 


PCG Jumbalaya - delicious food, bad photo of mine

PCG Jumbalaya - delicious food, bad photo of mine



But this I will tell you – do not leave until you have the buttermilk pie. I know, some of you might be a little scared, but I am telling you that it is the best thing you will ever have for dessert. The caramel sauce with it helps too, but it’s so good that I get it for my birthday every year.  It’s amazing. Go, go, go!

5816 N 16th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85016