Yesterday, over 37,000 people joined to compete in the Phoenix Rock ‘n Roll marathon or half marathon. Okay, it wasn’t exactly split, either – about 27,000 ran the 1/2 (CVB staffers included :)).  It was better weather than you could ask for – starting was mid-50s, finishing in the high 60s, low 70s depending on the speed. An absolutely beautiful day. 

A few fun tidbits: 

One couple got engaged at the finish line – after crossing the line together, he got down on one knee and proposed. He ran the whole way with the ring in his pocket.

Another guy stood on the sidelines with a sign that said, “so-and-so, will you marry me?” Maybe he should have at least done the half-marathon with his new bride? 

Are marriage proposals a big part of marathons? hm. 

Many a runner were seen in Cardinals jerseys – the first one to cross the finish line got a free season ticket for next year! I think the excitement of the game motivated everyone to finish early to get home and watch the game. All the extra cheering must have helped the Cards as well!

Anyway, if you were a runner or want to snoop out somebody’s time, check the link below and search by name or bib number! Then register for 2010!