The first time I walked into Sens in downtown Phoenix, I thought, “Am I cool enough to be here?” Downtown Phoenix lost a little hipness the day Johnny Chu closed Sens, but have no fear, Jonny Chu opened SoChu House just a few miles north of downtown at Thomas and Central Avenue. Now, the hipness of SoChu House is masked by its strip mall location, but as soon as you walk in you’ll think, “I am so cool for finding this place!”

Carrying over the look and feel of Sens, Johnny Chu also carried over the majority of the menu items. On a recent visit for lunch I ordered my favorite Johnny Chu dish, the Pad Thai with tofu. A great lunch destination, SoChu House offers salads, soups, noodle dishes and main dishes. There is even a lunch portion that includes a choice of main dish, salad and dessert.

The bar area of SoChu House has a lounge feel with several places to sit in small groups. I’m looking forward to going back for happy hour and enjoying some cocktails and tapas with some friends. Of course, they’ll think I’m so cool for showing them this new hip spot in Phoenix.

SoChu House is located at 2801 N. Central Avenue in Phoenix.