Mark your calendars for two spring weekends at the Heard Museum: the World Championship Hoop Dance Contest on February 5-6 and the Guild Indian Fair and Market from March 5-6. Both events draw crowds from all over the country, given how unique each event is.

If you’ve never seen Native American hoop dancing up close, it’s really an amazing art. The dancers are dressed head-to-toe in ceremonial attire, with intricate beading and feathering. The headdresses are crafted with stories behind every detail. The dances themselves tell tales and pay tribute to spirits, and each one is unique. Sometimes the dances are performed individually and sometimes in a group, but either way, it’s an amazing show to see.

Hoop Dancing at the Heard

The Guild Indian Fair and Market draws over 700 artists from all around the country to sell their goods. This market is so unique because of the different mediums sold, including jewelry, baskets, katsina dolls, pottery, fine art and more. In addition, there will be a stage with live music throughout, plus dance performances. If you go, make sure to eat some of the authentic fry bread which is delicious!

Guild Indian Fair and Market

If you go to the Hoop Dance Contest or the Indian Fair and Market, take advantage of the time and check out the rest of the Heard Museum while you’re there. Their exhibit on Indian Schools, their extensive katsina doll collection and their fine art is truly unrivaled. It’s a must-do for anyone coming to Phoenix.

Heard Museum
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