It’s a changing of the guard of Phoenix proportions.

A good sign this morning

Lisa G’s Cafe and Wine Bar closed abruptly on Halloween, with owner Lisa Giungo citing a surprise offer on the place, and a much needed break, as the reason she closed the quaint, clean place so many of us loved. But that’s not to take away from the excitement of Matt Diamond starting his own place, simply called “The Main Ingredient,” he plans to focus on the craft-beer crowd and have approachable – but delicious – eats.

Matt’s track record is quite successful around town, with experience from Cowboy Ciao and Postino, but this is something entirely new. We’re excited to see his changes to the interior, which I suspect will be a little more cozy, and to taste his hand-picked brews.

The sign going up this morning is hope that it will open soon. We’ll be one of the first people in line, so check back for details.