Wait, stop! Don't eat it just yet. These Instagram-ready foods in Phoenix are as photogenic as they are delicious, so you'll have to snap a pic before you dig in. 



The Stetson Salad from Cowboy Ciao

File this one under oddly satisfying: In Cowboy Ciao's famous dish, perfect stripes of pearled couscous, dried corn, Roma tomatoes, smoked salmon, pepitas and chopped arugula form a tapestry of salty, smoky flavors, just ready to be mixed (and photographed). 



Duck Bath Punch from Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour

While not a food per se, Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour's sudsy, shareable punch brings friends together over one tiny tub for the perfect photo opp. Inspired by "bathtub gin," the adorable concoction combines gin, pineapple, lemon and chilled Earl Grey tea. Oh, and rubber duckies. 



Ice cream from Melt

If you're willing to forego a crunchy waffle cone option as conveyance for your ice cream scoops, you'll get it served in a Chinese take-out box, complete with fortune cookie. Cute and locally-sourced, Melt's ice cream comes from Udder Delights, created in Gilbert's Superstition Farms. 


Melt Phx🍦

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Brussels Sprout Nachos from Diego Pops

Between the hot-pink neon sign declaring "TACOS," the pop-art pineapple wall and guava cocktail served in a coconut, it might be hard to focus on just the aesthetics of your food at Diego Pops. Enter the Brussels Sprout Nachos: a stylish plate loaded with sprouts, queso oaxaca, a fried egg and bright pink beet cream. 


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Farmers Market Crudites from True Food Kitchen

Artfully arranged raw veggies brighten up this popular appetizer from True Food Kitchen, shining from every spectrum of the rainbow and served chilled with tzatziki and olive dip. This looks as good as you might feel eating it.



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