Our marketing intern Diva recently scaled the walls at The Phoenix Rock Gym and wanted to share the details of her adventure. Enjoy!

Feeling in an athletic mood, my friends and I decided to go indoor rock climbing. We went to The Phoenix Rock Gym in Tempe where they have 15,000 square feet of 30-foot high walls of climbing surface. The Phoenix Rock Gym also has an area for free climbing where a harness was not needed. It was great as not all of us had rock climbing experience and there were climbing surfaces for participants of all levels of experience.

Before embarking on our rock climbing adventure, we watched a video explaining safety, dos, don’ts, and equipment. After the video, an instructor assisted us in suiting up in our harnesses and shoes, and showed how to properly tie-in our ropes. All the equipment was provided and our instructor began to show us how to belay one another while climbing.

Phoenix Rock Gym

When our instruction was over we were free to scale the wall. I was the first to try and as I looked up the tall colorful wall I began to climb. It was kind of like doing a puzzle. I had to figure out where the best place was to put my hands so I could step up with my feet. The more I climbed, the more I began to get the hang of it.

As I approached the top, a sense of excitement enveloped my body. I made it! But like many new rock climbers, I had a question arise: “Now, how do I get down?” As I gazed down to my belaying partner, I confirmed that I was ready to descend. I leaned back with my feet spread apart against the stubbly wall and floated my way down.

Phoenix Rock Gym

Nearly there!

Talk about a rush of fun! The experience was so enjoyable and a great work out. The Phoenix Rock Gym is wonderful as there are so many complementing options offered to make your experience a pleasant one. From rock climbing classes, birthday parties, assisting supervisors, and consistently changing wall routes, there is always something new and fun happening at the Phoenix Rock Gym. I can’t wait to go back for another fun workout and take a climb on the wild side!

Phoenix Rock Gym

The Phoenix Rock Gym
1353 E University Dr., Tempe 85281