Tutti Santi in Phoenix is a family favorite for Italian cuisine.

Italian cuisine and family just go together, which makes it no surprise to me that Tutti Santi is one my family’s favorites. I’ve been to two of the five Greater Phoenix locations, and have felt like a member of the Tutti Santi family at each one. You can taste the pride in the food and feel the pride in the service you get from their staff.

We recently celebrated my father’s birthday at the 16th Street Tutti Santi in Phoenix. Located near the Pointe at Squaw Peak, you could blink and miss Tutti Santi which is situated in the back corner of the strip mall facing 16th Street. This particular location has a great patio for a nice day and the inside of the restaurant is much bigger than you would expect from the outside. The décor is of your typical Italian restaurant with white tablecloths and wine and Italian themed imagery.

Whenever I visit Tutti Santi I have a hard time deciding on what to order. Everything on the menu sounds delicious and it is filled with seafood items along with more traditional Italian dishes like ravioli and lasagna.

We decided on two appetizers for the table after asking the waiter how fresh their mussels were. “Fresh!” He said, “We fly in our seafood three times a week.” The mussels are served in a white wine garlic sauce, and make sure to ask for extra bread to sop up the broth. We also ordered the calamari, which was perfectly crisp (not chewy!) and served with a spicy cocktail sauce.

The mussels appetizer at Tutti Santi.

Because the portions are huge at Tutti Santi, my fiancé and I split the Linguine del Marinaio that comes with fresh clams, mussels, calamari and shrimp sautéed in a light tomato sauce and served on a bed of linguine. Bravo! The seafood was fresh, perfectly cooked, and the sauce was delicious.

Linguine del Marinaio

My mother ordered her favorite, the Homemade Ravioli alla Nina. I have to tell you, this ravioli will change your life — it’s like perfect little pillows of pasta, Ricotta cheese with spinach and marinara. It’s just amazing. Try it and thank us later.

The best ravioli you will have outside of Italy.

My father ordered the lasagna and it was another hit. You just can’t lose when you order at Tutti Santi.

Tutti Santi has five locations in Greater Phoenix. The menu and happy hour specials vary on location, so check their website before you go.

More photos from our visit to Tutti Santi can be found on Flickr.