Phoenix is the fifth-largest city in the USA. Phoenix is widely considered one of the most desirable places to live. But what defines desireability of living? It’s the environment, the weather, the culture, and most influentially, WHAT THERE IS TO DO. 

The Phoenix area is full of nooks and crannies that locals call their own, places we wish we could show everyone to give them a chance for their own experience. And now, we are. This blog, The Hot Sheet (affectionately), is throwing the doors open on all the great things happening in Phoenix, for locals looking for something fresh and travelers wondering how to get to the soul of Phoenix. There is a lot,  and we have mountains to cover (literally), so check back often and find your Phoenix.

Oh, and yeah – we’re a qualified resource. This blog is written by the Greater Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau. Sounds important, doesn’t it? We are. :)  Since 1967 we’ve been the “Official Travel Resource for Greater Phoenix.” That means we’re the experts in what to do here, and hey, we live it. But we need your help too. Have a favorite spot you’d like us to visit? Know of a great event going on? Have a photo you’d like to submit? Please send to: We know you have the inside scoop, too. 

Look forward to showing you what’s hot in Phoenix…