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ART-eology Summer Programs (K-3)


Learn how the ancient Sonoran Desert people, the Hohokam, used their environment for survival and inspiration in their everyday lives! Join us for a single day or a 3-day program where you will learn about Hohokam pottery and jewelry, create beautiful rock art and discover a variety of uses for native plants and animals. Ideal for younger explorers (grades K-3)! Cost is $25 per day and those enrolled for all 3-days of programs will receive a free family membership to Pueblo Grande Museum. Register online at or in person the day of at the Museum.

July 11 - The Art of the Hohokam #17716 The Hohokam were well known for their pottery designs and shell jewelry, see examples of this beautiful artwork in a tour of the Pueblo Grande Museum collections! Try your hand at creating your own pottery, learn how to make cordage and make your very own shell pendant. Let’s not forget about the science! Learn about the chemistry behind the Hohokam’s famous acid-etched shell jewelry and ornaments and how it mirrors natural processes such as ocean acidification and acid rain.

July 12 – The Art of Rock #17717 Learn about the different types of rock art made by the Hohokam and see if you can figure out their meanings by playing a round of Pictionary! Tell your story by carving out your very own petroglyph and create a one of a kind pictograph on special sun-sensitive paper!

July 13 – The Art of the Desert #17718 Do you think that deserts are just hot, dry and dusty? Think again! The Sonoran Desert is a secret world just filled with different plants and animals waiting for you to discover! Learn what plants can be gathered from the desert for food, what the Hohokam grew then make your very own corn and mesquite flour! Bring out your inner artist as you learn the ancient art of weaving and fabric making and experiment with different building materials to see if you can keep out the cold!

Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park

4619 E. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ
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Pueblo Grande Museum is an archaeological site once inhabited by the Hohokam culture, just east of downtown Phoenix, next to Sky Harbor International Airport. It's a National Historic Landmark and…