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Breakfast with the Animals: Elephants


They say elephants never forget, and we are certain YOU will never forget this amazing experience! In this month’s breakfast adventure, discover how elephants use their trunks, what they like to eat and much, much more! After breakfast and activities, you’ll learn more about the elephants that call the Phoenix Zoo home as we get an up-close look at their exhibit. We will assist elephant keepers with their daily behavioral enrichment by hiding “elephant cookies” in the elephant yard and watching as the elephant search for the hidden treats!

For ages 3—5 years old + a caregiver

Phoenix Zoo/Arizona Center for Nature Conservation

455 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, AZ
Locally Owned
Since 1962, the Phoenix Zoo has inspired and motivated guests from across the world to care for the natural world. Nestled on 125 acres within beautiful Papago Park the Zoo is a wondrous place of…