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Namaste New Year's Eve


From soothing sounds bowls to high intensity training join us for 20 hours of continuous wellness leading up to New Year's.

CIVANA was founded to invite more into wellness. More people. More choices. More affirmation and celebration. More unbounded joy and exploration.

The way we glide into 2020 will be no different.

You are invited to join tastemakers, teachers, trainers, and fellow wellness travelers as we embark together on a New Year’s Eve celebration overflowing with intention. For 20 consecutive hours, CIVANA will provide unforgettable wellness experiences beginning at 4am until midnight. From soothing sound baths to high intensity training, you will find your tribe, be surrounded by resources to support you in the year ahead, and come away with new ideas and inspirations.

Reconnect with your passion, fortify your practice, and kick off the next decade with a deliberate sense of purpose and playful curiosity.

Awaken. Move. Learn. Feel. Connect. Celebrate.


CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa

37220 Mule Train Road, Carefree, AZ
Scottsdale/Northeast Valley
Nestled in the high Sonoran desert, CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa is a unique wellness destination for those who seek the journey. Grounded in the philosophy of wellness through oneness, CIVANA…