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Tea, Pancakes and Bicycles


The Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary presents TEA, PANCAKES AND BICYCLES, a health and wellness event that highlights  indigenous Arizona foraged teas,  locally  sourced ingredient pancakes, the museum’s park environment,  educational activities, exhibitions, and programs offered at Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park.

On Saturday, April 25, 2020, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. This Only in Arizona and Only at Pueblo Grande Museum-centric event will feature a foraged tea tasting by San Carlos Apache Chef and Forager Twila Cassadore. Ms. Cassadore will be illuminating the rich landscape of edible & medicinal teas in Arizona and sharing her experiences and journey of being a leading voice in Arizona’s indigenous ancestral food movement.  Dine/Navajo Chef Renetto Mario Etisitty of the REZ eatery LLC. Will be cooking up a storm of Blue Corn/Mesquite/Pinon pancakes with a swirl of Agave Syrup.

Attendees are encouraged to park their cars at Pueblo Grande Museum and ride their bikes on the Grand Canal for a 3 or 5 mile jaunt along one of the original waterways from the prehistoric Hohokam villages.  Phoenix Spokes People will be leading an 8 mile ride beginning at Steele Indian School Park at 8am along the Grand Canalscape to Pueblo Grande Museum and Paris Masek of Green on Purpose LLC. Will be giving scheduled tours of the demonstration garden and a walk about sharing his knowledge on the edible landscape including gardening in a desert climate, harvesting the desert and the ancient farming methods of the Hohokam.  The event also features and yoga and more in the day's program. 

Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park

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Pueblo Grande Museum is an archaeological site once inhabited by the Hohokam culture, just east of downtown Phoenix, next to Sky Harbor International Airport. It's a National Historic Landmark and…