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The Copper Queen at the Arizona Opera

  • Arizona Opera
    1636 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ
  • Dates: September 25, 2016
  • Phone: (602) 266-7464
  • Time: 3:00 PM
  • Price: $10

The Copper Queen tells the gripping story of a haunting in the titular hotel, located in Bisbee, Arizona, once a prominent mining town for both copper and “Bisbee-blue” turquoise. In 1910, Julia Lowell, a "lady of the evening," uses Room 315 of The Copper Queen Hotel to service her clients. Following her untimely death, her spirit is unable to leave the room, and the legend of her ghostly exploits gains infamy. As the years past, ghost hunters and supernatural enthusiasts clamor to stay for a night in Room 315, desperate for a glimpse of the infamous Julia.  However, while the men who stay at The Copper Queen experience little other than the faint scent of perfume or the echo of a lady's sigh, women who stay in the room run into trouble. In 2010, Addison Moore is one such woman. She comes to stay in Room 315 carrying much more than physical baggage. Flickering lights, mysteriously broken objects, and an overwhelming atmosphere of menace aren’t the only things that await Addison during one of the most harrowing nights of her life – alone with the ghost of The Copper Queen.