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Fumar Cigars

  • 2010 W. Parkside Lane Ste. 110 Phoenix, AZ 85027
    • Phone: (623) 594-4020
    • Fax: (623) 594-4024
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Fumar Cigars provides world class cigar services including cigar rolling shows, Hookah events and custom labeled cigars and amenities. All major cigars available for events and destination groups. Operating in 32 markets across the nation. Home office is in Arizona with offices in Florida, Southern California and Dallas. Our interactive and guest engagement cigar events are legendary, sharing not only the art of making cigars, but a walk through history. Our true craft is "Telling the story of Americana through the lens of the tobacco industry". Telling stories of the fuel of capitalism and the growth and evolution of the American history. We also do interactive workshops and Team building programs teaching the art of making cigars and developing teamwork. As of 2018-2019 season we will have performed over 5000 events from 25 attendees to 780,000! Trade Shows are a home run with Fumar as your attraction and draw with custom made cigars with your logo as schwag and the look and appeal of something completely new and interactive! Rare and hard to find collections of cigars and prohibition era spirits. Have provided over 350 four and five star resorts all of their cigars and on premise programs for 23 years. Plus 400+ cigar rolling shows a year. Custom cigar labels, no minimum.

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