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  • Phoenix, AZ
    • Phone: (602) 275-0113
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One TMS is licensed and bonded by The Airlines Reporting Corporation and the International Air Transportation Association Network. This allows One TMS to purchase 1st party and to issue airline tickets in the very same live reservation system as its partners-in-travel worldwide. One TMS provides last seat availability, live airline tickets, stored airline credits so no airfares are lost, live flight check-in and updates, free seat assignments, frequent flyer miles, transportation to meet flights, budget maintenance so there are no surprises, weekly reports, custom pricing to meet any budget, consulting and educating the clients staff so they can work at their best. One TMS typically saves its clients 10% to start and we guarantee to save the client more than our one time fee. One TMS works with its clients best financial interests in-mind at all times. One TMS has provided superior service and industry knowledge since 1993 with long standing references available upon request!