Live the Challenge

This is about more than just the miles. This is about breathing in desert air. This is about running along cactus-studded trails. This is about pedaling, paddling and boulder hopping in a place where winter days are warm and “urban mountains” is not an oxymoron.

This is about more than just the miles. This is Phoenix.


Piestewa Peak Hikers

Scaling 2,612-foot Piestewa Peak is an accomplishment for many Phoenix visitors. For others, it's merely a warm-up.

Intrepid hikers who participate in the annual Phoenix Summit Challenge tackle up to seven of the city’s highest peaks in a single day. Check out this PHX Story to find out more about the Phoenix Summit Challenge—and how you can conquer Phoenix’s summits on your own time.



We get it. Flat is boring. You’re over easy. You want trails with big ascents, big views and big rewards.

Well, we got ’em.

On Phoenix’s eastern flank lies Lost Dutchman State Park, where you’ll find Siphon Draw Trail. This rugged, rocky climb to the 4,800-foot Flatiron peak rewards hikers with one of the most stunning panoramic views in the Sonoran Desert.

Another hike that delivers rock-solid scenery while raising your heart rate is Tom’s Thumb Trail (pictured above). Tom’s Thumb is a granite landmark in the McDowell Mountains, and the route to it climbs 1,000 feet through fields of monolithic boulders.

For more hiking recommendations, download or order a copy of the Phoenix Trail Guide



Greater Phoenix is a mountain-biking paradise. In this video, cycling enthusiast and professional guide Brian Jump of Arizona Outback Adventures explains how the mystique of the Sonoran Desert turned an intended short stay in Phoenix into a 17-year career in the outdoors.