Find visitor and business information to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic in Greater Phoenix.


Optional Benefits

Customize your Membership

The following are not included with membership but are available to Members for an additional fee.

Visitor and Relocation Market Inquiry Leads

Market your goods and services directly to those planning a visit to Greater Phoenix or interested in relocating to the Valley. This monthly list includes the name, address, area of interest(s) in addition to the estimated date of travel. This list is emailed monthly for $400 a year.

Confidential Convention Calendar in Excel Format

Contains the same information as the PDF Format Confidential Convention Calendar that’s included with your membership fee. The excel format makes it easier to create form letters and mailing labels to personalize your communications with potential clients. This excel file is emailed quarterly for $400 per year.

Visit Phoenix Member List

If you’re interested in marketing to Visit Phoenix Members directly, this is the list for you. This excel file contains contact information for our approximately 1,000 members. This list is provided as a one-time fulfillment for $330.

Additional Listings

Each membership includes one category listing. To get extra exposure on our website and in our publications, purchase an additional category listing for your business for only $245 a year.

Website Advertising

Expand your online exposure with a variety of featured listing enhancements and online advertising. Inventory is limited and only available to Visit Phoenix members. Contact Destination Travel Network at (520) 382-0579 for details.

Publication Advertising

Stand out and be noticed with a colorful display ad in the Official Travel Guide or Destination Guide for Meeting and Travel Planners. As a member, you’ll receive a discount on your advertising. Contact Whitney Coleman at Madden Media via email or call (520) 232-2611.

Trade Show and Sales Mission Participation

Programs offered by the Convention Sales, Travel Trade and Media Department are designed to provide participating members the opportunity to interact with decision makers through a series of sales missions, client events and trade shows from which you can pursue business opportunities that are important to you. Cost varies from opportunity to opportunity. Login to the Member Extranet and view the Partner Bulletins session, for more information.