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Our Departments


The Convention Sales department advances awareness of the Greater Phoenix area to meeting and convention planners. Its primary objective is to increase meeting and convention bookings through the Convention Sales lead program, with emphasis on the Phoenix Convention Center. Visit Phoenix employs two sales teams - one with a focus on the Phoenix Convention Center as well as citywide meetings and events, and the other on single hotel and resort business.

The sales department provides substantial benefit to Visit Phoenix members by obtaining and distributing sales leads, assisting with site inspections and providing general information requests from meeting professionals.

The Convention Sales department takes great pride in representing the Greater Phoenix hospitality community and is committed to keeping our destination at the top of every meeting professional’s list.




Once a convention group chooses Phoenix, the Convention Services department works to ensure a seamless transition from the sales process to the service process. This department assists meeting planners with all aspects of their promotional and planning needs, and serves as a liaison between planners and Visit Phoenix member businesses.

The goal of the Convention Services department is to make sure meeting planners and their convention attendees have a positive experience, increasing the opportunity for return business. The Convention Services department also offers support to groups that book direct with hotels and resorts.




The Travel Trade department educates tour operators and travel agents about the attributes of Greater Phoenix. The department develops programs and itineraries with the goal of increasing leisure visitation to Greater Phoenix from both domestic and international markets.

The Travel Trade works with tour operators and travel agents to develop cooperative marketing programs, familiarization trips and destination trainings. It also embarks on sales missions and attends industry trade shows to cultivate relationships with top operators and agents.




The Visit Phoenix Marketing Department oversees all advertising and marketing efforts for Visit Phoenix, with the singular goal of positioning Greater Phoenix as a premier destination for leisure travelers and convention groups.

The Marketing Department is responsible for, email marketing, social media, collateral and publication development, video production, consumer research, and photography. The department’s principal goals are to ensure the integrity of the Visit Phoenix brand and deliver a consistent marketing message to consumers and clients across all mediums of communication.




The goal of the Media Relations department is to encourage visitors to choose Greater Phoenix through earned editorial coverage of the destination. To that end, the department establishes and fosters strong relationships with meeting and travel-trade media, newspaper and magazine writers and editors, freelance travel writers, influencers and representatives from travel television and radio programming.

The Media Relations department maintains an extensive database of more than 2,000 national and international media, and also produces editorial content and storytelling ideas for travel media. The department also creates customized media tours for journalists designed to showcase the best of the destination. Visit Phoenix members can benefit by participating in Media Relations programs designed to assist or host journalists.




The Membership department is constantly striving to service Visit Phoenix members in the best way possible. The department strives to meet members’ needs and presents business opportunities that can help them achieve their goals.




Visitor Information Services provides a wealth of knowledge to visitors in the Greater Phoenix area.  Members are encouraged to take advantage of our downtown Visitors Center. Collateral is displayed at this venue to promote member businesses to convention delegates and domestic and international visitors.