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Member Resources & Benefits

Find information about what kind of resources you can access as a member of Visit Phoenix, as well as the benefits of being part of the Visit Phoenix organization below. 

Member Resources

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Partner Bulletins

Members can get additional info about how to get involved by logging into the MyPHX Portal and exploring the partner bulletins.

Additional Resources

Member Benefits

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Membership with Visit Phoenix can open a new world of opportunities for your business. Learn about the benefits of membership.

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Top Five Benefits of Membership

Need more reasons to join in addition to being a part of a key effort to sustain our local economy?

Here are five more reasons to become a Visit Phoenix member today:

1) Get the scoop on who is coming to town.

Your Visit Phoenix membership means you have access to our confidential convention calendar that provides you with the group name, meeting planner's contact information, meeting dates, headquarter hotel and number of attendees. It's the perfect resource to get your business in front of the decision makers. Please note that contact information for some meeting planners may be listed as undisclosed at their request.

2) Win business through leads and referrals.

Qualified leads and referrals are generated from our convention sales, convention services, travel trade and media departments. The leads are sent to members who can offer the specified type of service or product being requested. While we can't guarantee that all members will receive leads based on business category, this can be a business booster for Visit Phoenix members.

3) Online exposure through

Through your membership, you will receive a listing page on that includes up to 10 photos, a 200-word marketing message, a link to your website, information on your amenities, and links to your social media profiles. You can use your page to post special offers such as packages and coupons as well as share event information.

4) Research.

Membership offers you access to exclusive industry research and insight into the behaviors and patterns of travelers visiting the Greater Phoenix area, including visitor profiles, tourism impact, hotel performance indicators, airport and airline performance and destination perception studies.

5) Connect with industry peers and Visit Phoenix staff.

Visit Phoenix offers a multitude of events and programming that provides members with the chance to interact with one another, stay up-to-date on industry trends and share your services with Visit Phoenix staff. 


There are more than five reasons to invest in a Visit Phoenix membership. Learn more about all our member benefits. (PDF)