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Media Tours

There’s only one way to truly capture the essence of a destination and that’s to visit it. We encourage members of the media to embark on their own discovery journey through a media tour.

Visit Phoenix offers group and individual media tours for members of the media. Group media tours are designed for travel editors and qualified freelance media. Each group media tour has a specific theme and has limited space (four to eight media depending on the tour). Media will be selected according to eligibility, confirmed assignment(s) and tour preference. For a complete list of upcoming media tours, please email Director of Communications, Sarah Doyle, at

For members of the media preferring to explore on their own, Visit Phoenix can aid qualified media on assignment with various support services including suggested story angles and itinerary assistance from accommodations, activities, or supplying contacts.


When inquiring about a media tour, please include copies of your most recently published articles or photographs (published clips should include byline and date) and/or an assignment letter from your editor. In order to best serve you, we ask that the following guidelines be followed when requesting an individual media tour:

  • Email Director of Communications, Sarah Doyle, at

  • Contact Visit Phoenix at least six weeks in advance for media tour consideration.

  • Consider scheduling your individual tour to take place before or after peak season (January-March).

  • Our top priority is assisting working members of the media and kindly request no guests.

  • Please note that we receive a high volume of media requests; we try to assist in all cases, but priority will be given to media on a qualified assignment.

  • Bloggers or influencers must represent a quality website with topics targeting our key audiences. They must demonstrate a healthy audience and be active on social media (Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram) throughout their tour plus a commitment of producing at least one blog/story post on their website.