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There’s Room To Meet in Phoenix

It's time to go beyond. Reach new horizons through collaboration, defy limits with innovative efforts, and launch your next great venture here – where there is more than enough room for big ideas. 

Additionally, our state-of-the-art convention center, our new and reimagined accommodations, our walkable downtown core and our lush desert landscape offer all the space you need to customize your next meeting or convention.


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Ready to Meet?

Now that your meeting is set, see what to expect when you meet in Phoenix and explore more ways the staff at Visit Phoenix can help make your event memorable.


Phoenix meeting and convention attendees can expect an experience defined by desert beauty, urban sophistication and year-round sunny weather. 



Specialty Groups

Phoenix is a top destination for a diversity of groups. Discover how the city is especially equipped to host meetings in the sports, religion, and medical realms.


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