Camelback Mountain

Located just 20 minutes from downtown Phoenix, Camelback Mountain is a Phoenix icon and popular outdoor destination for thousands of visiting hikers each year. Two difficult trailheads ascend 1,420 feet to a summit resembling the hump of a camel's back, affording 360-degree views of the surrounding city.



Trailhead hours: Sunrise to sunset

Both Echo Canyon Trail and Cholla Trail are rated extremely difficult, challenging hikers with exposed rock, strenuous climbs and sections of hand-over-hand climbing. Dogs are prohibited at all Echo Canyon and Cholla Trail areas.


Echo Canyon Trail

camelback mountain trail

Distance: 1.2 miles out-and-back

Trailhead4925 E McDonald Dr, Phoenix. This trailhead has restrooms, benches and water. The parking lot is busy and will typically remain full from early morning throughout the day on weekends

What to expect: This steep and rocky ascent requires assistance of handrails and climbing to reach the top, but the 360-degree views from the summit are worth it.

Cholla Trail

Camelback Cholla Trail

Distance: 1.5 miles out-and-back

Trailhead6131 E Cholla Ln, Paradise Valley. This trailhead does not have facilities or designated parking.

What to expect: Cholla Trail is a slightly longer and steadier climb than Echo Canyon, but that doesn't mean it's not tricky. Lower portions are easier to follow, but the last third of the climb is a challenging scramble over large boulders. 




Wildlife & Plants

Phoenix's desert preserves, including Camelback Mountain, are home to native species such as the desert tortoise, chuckwalla lizard, cottontail rabbits, and rattlesnakes (hike with caution). Plant species include the saguaro, cholla and prickly pear cacti, as well as native trees such as mesquite and palo verde. 



Other Camelback Views

If you'd rather gawk at the Phoenix landmark from the ground (preferably with a cocktail in hand), there are plenty of restaurant patios and resort pools with views of Camelback Mountain.

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