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We Stand Together for Social Justice and Equality

The death of George Floyd while in police custody has ignited outrage among many people across this nation and, for that matter, across the globe. It has rightfully brought the Black Lives Matter movement back into the spotlight and brings to the forefront the years of systemic racism that has plagued Black people and other communities of color for years, and even centuries. We are not blind to the racial inequality and injustice that exists in our country, as well as our own community. This is a humanitarian issue that beckons a universal call to action to examine and eliminate the socioeconomic systems and policies of repression that have fueled ideological ignorance, fearmongering, unconscious bias and prejudice.

Our nation is now at a crucial point that demands our leadership and citizenry use its power and influence to chart a new course for future generations. This is the responsibility that we all shoulder, and Visit Phoenix is committed to doing our part. We can and will do more. Our organization will be focusing on efforts to listen, learn and grow as we make decisions to better reflect the voices of our community. We will continue to support the lives of people of color who are our colleagues, community members, visitors and clients – and in so doing, promote a welcoming and inclusive environment for all people.

We look forward to honest and meaningful conversations regarding how to bring about lasting social change. Together, we will rise to create a safe and equitable society for all.

Sincerely, Visit Phoenix Leadership