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Technology Meetings in Phoenix

Phoenix is a burgeoning tech hub poised at the forefront of innovation. Ranked among the top emerging markets in the U.S. for bioscience and recognized as a leader in the semiconductor industry, Phoenix offers a fertile ground for tech meetings and conventions. With accolades like being named a top #9 Meetings Destination in Cvent's Top 50 Meeting Destinations in North America, the city is a beacon for forward-thinking collaborations.

DTPHX stands at the forefront of biomed innovation, driven by significant investments from ASU and the University of Arizona into the bioscience core. This vibrant ecosystem attracts leading minds in biotechnology and related fields, making Phoenix an ideal destination for tech gatherings. 

Earning the nickname, “semiconductor desert,” Phoenix has rapidly grown into a data center development hub. Companies like Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Netherlands-based ASM, Motorola, and Intel have invested in Phoenix as the place to grow their visions.

As ample electric vehicle companies, like Waymo, expand their operations throughout Arizona and leading minds in energy, medicine, transportation, and other industries converge here in Phoenix, it’s easy to see why our sun-soaked destination is a top choice for cutting-edge collaborations.

Stay, Play, and Connect

With the Phoenix Convention Center ranking #8 for Best Convention Center in the U.S. according to the Wall Street Journal, and the city's bustling hotel scene offering 166 properties and more than 27,000 rooms, Phoenix provides unparalleled hospitality for event attendees. From sleek downtown accommodations to charming boutique hotels, there's a perfect place for every tech professional to rest and recharge. 

Visitors can utilize the autonomous ride-hailing service, Waymo, to navigate the city seamlessly.

And as for getting your attendees to the city? Sky Harbor Airport is ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the #1 Best Airport in the U.S., ensuring convenient access for attendees traveling from afar.

Unconventional Venues, Unforgettable Experiences

Phoenix offers a kaleidoscope of venues that spark creativity and foster connections. Whether you're hosting a brainstorming session in a historic warehouse or networking under the stars at a ranch-turned-event space, Phoenix's unique venues breathe life into any tech convention or event. With our abundant sunshine and outdoor-friendly culture, why not take your technology meetings al fresco and use the Sonoran Desert landscape as your backdrop?

A Sustainable Partner for Tech Meetings in Phoenix

In Phoenix, we walk the walk when it comes to sustainability. Our ambitious 2050 environmental goals set the bar high, covering everything from water stewardship to clean air initiatives to become the most sustainable desert city in the world. 

In the long term, we aim to reach carbon neutrality by 2060 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% to 90% below 2012 levels by 2050. But we want to make change even sooner, so we’ve set a goal of a 50% reduction in carbon by 2030. When you choose Phoenix for your tech event, you're not just choosing a destination; you're choosing a partner in making a positive impact on the planet. 

From composting to solar energy utilization, top venues like the Phoenix Convention Center lead the charge in green innovation, ensuring that your next tech convention or event leaves a footprint of progress, not waste.

Join Us in Phoenix: Where Innovation Knows No Limits

Greater Phoenix is home to ten Fortune 500 companies, including Avnet, Carvana, Freeport-McMoRan, Insight Enterprises, Knight-Swift Transportation, On Semiconductor, Opendoor Technologies, Reliance Steel & Aluminum, Republic Services, and Taylor Morrison Homes, proving that innovation isn't just a buzzword here – it's a way of life. 

Tech professionals from around the globe are choosing Phoenix as their preferred destination for meetings and conferences, and it's no wonder why. With a rich tapestry of innovation, a commitment to sustainability, and world-class amenities, the stunning Sonoran Desert has evoked inspiration, collaboration, and innovation across a diverse array of industries for centuries.

We invite you to elevate your next event to extraordinary heights in the Valley of the Sun. Together, let's write the next chapter on tech innovation in sunny Phoenix.