Fried chicken and waffles, an unlikely and undeniably tasty dish, comes from dubious origins: The soul food is attributed somewhere between a Southern classic and a Pennsylvania Dutch staple. Regardless, this poultry-pastry duo has a home in Phoenix. We've rounded up some of our favorite spots to dig into chicken and waffles when the craving strikes:


Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles


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Locally-owned Lo-Lo’s holds a special place in the heart of Phoenix residents. The namesake dish is ubiquitous on the "hood classics" menu, which sports combos of southern-style drumsticks, wings, grits and gravy over savory waffles.

Five Greater Phoenix locations


Over Easy

The secret to this retro hotspot’s chicken and waffles is in the sauce, a tangy blend of hot sauce and real maple syrup. The concoction, and the crispy dish underneath, snagged a spot on TLC's "Best Food Ever."

Several Greater Phoenix locations


The Normal Diner

With rich red velvet waffles and crispy free-range chicken, this signature dish is hardly normal. Enjoy it with warm syrup, butter and a few photos for Instagram—it's quite photogenic.

Located at Graduate Tempe hotel
225 E Apache Boulevard, Tempe 85281
(480) 967-9431


Tuck Shop


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If you’re craving chicken and waffles in the Central Phoenix area, Tuck Shop is your dinner stop. Their citrus-brined fried chicken complements white cheddar waffles and a side of grilled green beans.

2245 N 12th St, Phoenix 85006
(602) 354-2980


O.H.S.O. Brewery + Distillery


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Brunch is better with friends, so don't let your crispy chicken, bacon and maple waffle plate go solo: The Saturday and Sunday Beer Brunch includes a 10 oz local beer or mimosa with your entree. 

Several Greater Phoenix locations


Jewel’s Bakery & Café


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Could anyone put a healthy spin this traditionally indulgent dish? Jewel's Bakery & Cafe, a locally-owned dine-in shop, might come the closest: The honey sriracha and buttermilk syrup-doused chicken and waffle plate comes at least with reassurance of fresh, organic and local ingredients.

4041 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix 85018
(602) 714-5243