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If your destination is Phoenix, this is your guide. Visit Phoenix is the source for everything you'll need to know about the nation’s sunniest major city as well as Sonoran Desert. Our experts are passionate about sharing local know-how on top events and things to do, the best of local food and beverage, as well as attractions and experiences you won't find anywhere else.

Juneteenth Events in Phoenix

It is said that the first Juneteenth may have occurred in 1911 after Black leader Booker T. Washington visited Arizona and gave a speech at Eastlake Park in Phoenix. Since then, Juneteenth has come to…

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The Best Cocktails in Phoenix

Nestled within the bustling cityscape of Phoenix are hidden gems and renowned establishments, each boasting their own unique twist on classic cocktails and innovative creations that push the…

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Father’s Day in Phoenix

When it comes to Father’s Day, all dads like to celebrate a little differently. Whatever kind of day your pops is looking for, we’ve got the details on things to do with him this Father’s Day in…

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