In Phoenix, art reaches beyond galleries and museums and into the streets. It's reflective of the local community and it's inspired by the history of this region. Phoenix street artists continue to transform alleys, businesses and other public spaces into platforms for messages of social justice, pride, roots, humanity, equality and peace.

So, until you're able to get back out to see their art in person, we're bringing you six such artists for you to check out via Instagram. If you're looking for some more mural inspo, check out this running highlight of some of our favorite murals around Phoenix. 



This renowned street artist has contributed to noteworthy murals across Phoenix, and his Dia de los Muertos-style figures are as vibrant as any of the downtown scenes you'll find them in. Additionally, he also contributed to the Phoenix mural (pictured at the top of the page) at Barrio Cafe in 2019.

Location of this mural: Carly's Bistro (east side), 128 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix



Tato brings life to Phoenix through pieces with whimsical characters and stunning colors. His work is highly recognizable and can be spotted throughout downtown, including the 1½ Street Mural Project behind The Churchill, 901 N. First St., Phoenix.

Location of this mural: Carly's Bistro (west side), 128 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix



Lucinda Y Hinojos, who also goes by La Morena, is an artist who is claiming her roots and activism through her work. Her murals focus on the power of community, family, healing as well as the inspiration and guidance of her ancestors who energize her art. 

Location of this mural: 1½ Street Mural Project, 901 N. First St., Phoenix



Thomas "Breeze" Marcus’ powerful works are easily recognizable from their intricacy of layers of shapes. His woven style reflects the complexity of his personal experiences and serves as a way to connect the city's present to its past. Check our Soul of PHX interview with Breeze here.

Location of this mural: 1 N. First St., Phoenix



Ashley Macias' art is a force that's sweeping over Phoenix. In the past two years alone, her work has popped up too many places to list. However, the self-taught artist's imagery — with influences ranging from life forms and humans to animals and things found in nature — is highly recognizable. As seen in the first letter "A" in the larger-than-life mural wall at The Rebel Lounge (above). “Sharing diverse perspectives — and brightening otherwise bland walls — bridges the gaps between our neighboring communities and connects us,” Macias said in an interview with Visit Phoenix. “We’re sending a message out of beauty and it represents new ideas and it represents possibilities. There’s something really magical happening here.”

Location of this mural: 2303 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix



Darrin Armijo-Wardle was born and raised in the deserts of Arizona. His work remixes iconic portraits for the purpose of exploring social, economic and political issues. His 2017 collaboration with Hugo Medina, "Malinda Rising," is a tribute to Malinda Curtis, a Black woman who loved all the city’s residents and opened her home — in that area at the turn of the last century — to them often.

Location of this mural: Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel (alley entrance), 151 N. Central St., Phoenix


Header Image: "Phoenix" at Barrio Cafe was a collaborative effort by Gennaro Garcia, Lalo CotaBreeze, Angel Diaz, Pablo Luna and more. Photo credit: chef Silvana Salcido Esparza.