Nestled within the bustling cityscape of Phoenix are hidden gems and renowned establishments, each boasting their own unique twist on classic cocktails and innovative creations that push the boundaries of flavor.

Learn all about Phoenix's top cocktail destinations, from chic poolside bars at midcentury hotels to cozy speakeasies tucked away in historic neighborhoods. Whether you're a seasoned cocktail connoisseur or a casual enthusiast looking to elevate your drinking experience, Phoenix has something to offer for every palate and preference.

Read on to uncover the best cocktails in Phoenix, where each sip tells a story of creativity, craftsmanship, and the spirit of the Sonoran Desert. 


Santo Arcadia's Pecado

The Phoenix

The Phoenix cocktail

Pecado is the alter ego speakeasy bar of Santo Arcadia. Brought to life by chef Roberto Centeno and the group behind Cocina Chiwas and Tacos Chiwas, Pecado features an array of creative cocktail drinks served in a dimly-lit lounge. You walk through a set of curtains to step into the bar and are transported into a cozy, romantic spot perfect for your next date. At Pecado, you must try "The Phoenix." The Phoenix is the city of Phoenix's first official signature cocktail and it was created by none other than Nicole Long, a mixologist at Pecado. With homemade Chiltepin mesquite honey syrup, prickly pear fruit, and lemon juice from lemons picked by Nicole, "The Phoenix" is a true garden-to-glass experience.  


Bitter & Twisted

Lovefruit Medley

You're stepping into Arizona prohibition history when you walk through the doors of Bitter & Twisted in downtown Phoenix. Once the home of the former Arizona Prohibition Headquarters, the historic Luhrs building now houses Bitter & Twisted. Listed as one of the top 10 bars with the "World's Best Cocktail Menu," and the proud home of the original recipe of the "Pornstar Martini," Bitter & Twisted has always treaded its own distinct path in the cocktail space. From their selection of the finest premium spirits, to fresh fruits, herbs, bitters, tonics, and even down to the type of ice they use in their drinks, every choice your bartender makes at Bitter & Twisted is intentional and with purpose. Try whatever drink calls your name, but we have a preference for the "Lovefruit Medley," a cocktail so crisp, it might as well be a sweet song. With house-infused strawberry and pineapple vodkas mixed with fresh watermelon, lemon and hibiscus juices—it's a perfect drink for spring or summer. 


Century Grand

Nobody Wants Me

Century Grand was named Best U.S. Cocktail Bar in the country for a reason. Like Shakespeare says, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Transport yourself to another time and place when you visit any of Century Grand's three award-winning cocktail bars: Platform 18, Grey Hen Rx, or UnderTow.

Platform 18 draws inspiration from the New York City of the roaring 20's, featuring flavors that tell a tale of prohibition and uplift the powerful women who rose to prominence in the 1920's. Drink up to the queens of New York! On board Platform 18, try the Nobody Wants Me, a craft cocktail featuring Ana Maria tequila rosa, mint-infused tanqueray 10 gin, pampelmousse rose, peach, pineapple, clear rhubarb, sumac, lime, and grapefruit oils. Served shaken and with a sprinkle of pink peppercorn dust. 



Peridot Periquito

A zodiac-themed bar in downtown Phoenix? That's right! And it's not some kitschy novelty bar—the drinks and vibes are legit. All the drinks at Quartz are a true treat for the senses, but we prefer the Peridot Periquito. The Peridot is a cactus-inspired cocktail with a hint of licorice. And, yes, it's as delicious as it sounds. The drink recipe includes pistachio, almond cream, nopal cactus, pastis, pulque, Oaxacan gin, aquafabba, and to top it all off, worm salt. 


Garden Bar

Herb de Provence

Garden Bar is housed in a warm and inviting 1914 California Bungalow on the south side of Roosevelt Row. Garden Bar's specialty is garden-to-glass creations. Inside the cute white bungalow off of Roosevelt, you'll find craft cocktails, small batch spirits, and house-made syrups in creative and meticulous cocktails. You can't go to Garden Bar without trying the Herb de Provence Gimlet—a savory, herbaceous drink made up of london dry gin, herb de provence (thyme, lavender, marjoram, oregano), and lime. 



Little Rituals 

Big City Nights

Looking for a slick, eclectic downtown bar vibe? Look no further than Little Rituals, the four-time winner of the Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Award. The bar is a cozy 75-seat cocktail lounge located at the Residence Inn/Courtyard by Marriott. Big City Nights is a uniquely Phoenix drink, given the status of Phoenix as a rising destination. Little Rituals was inspired by the "little rituals" of the 150 years of cocktail history; history that informs how Little Rituals sources high-quality ingredients, along with using seasonal produce and flavors distinct to the Sonoran Desert region. So, come on, make your own little ritual. 


Highball Cocktail Bar

Pink Your Poison

Fresh off of a Tales of Cocktail 2024 nomination, Hightail Cocktail Bar uses avant-garde, playful ingredients to concoct memory-jogging flavors. The cocktail lounge is located on the southwest corner of 7th avenue and McDowell road, on the second floor of a historic brick building built in the 1930's. The vintage, eclectic vibes are enhanced by a copper-plated bar, where veteran bartenders serve a seasonal menu of knockout cocktails. A popular favorite at Highball is "Pink Your Poison," a citrus-forward and refreshing cocktail with Mexican strawberry lavender gin, vanilla yogurt, and sparkling sake. 



Dirty Cactus Martini

Would you believe it if someone told you there's a James Beard-nominated restaurant inside of a vintage modern furniture store? Well, that's where you'll find Valentine, on 7th avenue in Phoenix's hip Melrose district. The Dirty Cactus Martini at Valentine will call your name, with Southwestern-inspired ingredients such as cactus vermouth and escabeche brine, along with a base of vodka and gin. Cocktail enthusiasts will also appreciate the Cacao Boulevardier and the Jungle Bird—the former with Mexican whiskey & bacanora; the latter with prickly pear, lime, spicy escabeche, and more. 


Mr. Baan’s Bar and Mookata


Brought to life by the folks at Lom Wong, Mr. Baan's Bar and Mookata features unique cocktails, wine and spirits with Thai ingredients that you won't usually see featured on American Thai restaurant menus. Mr. Baan's Bar gets its namesake from the owner's uncle, Mr. Baan, who is known as the life of the party and lover of all things food and beverage. Stay for the Mengrai, a tropical cocktail made up of rum, amontillado shery, coconut milk horchata, and jackfruit purée. The menu at Mr. Baan's doesn't miss—from the Karoake king with mezcal and passion fruit, to the white rum chai, you can't go wrong. 


Lylo Swim Club

Dole Whipped 

Lylo Swim Club is a midcentury poolside bar and restaurant located in uptown Phoenix's Rise hotel. The Dole Whipped, a pineapple-flavored soft serve classic infused with El Dorado 5-year and Dark Hamilton demerara rums, is a must-have. Fans of Dole Whip will appreciate the adult twist on a theme park favorite.