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Medical Meetings

With its diverse portfolio of conference-friendly resorts, Greater Phoenix has long been a popular destination for medical meetings. Now, thanks to the rise of the spectacular Phoenix Biomedical Campus and the implementation of HCP-compliant pricing at the Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix offers medical- and science-focused organizations more meeting options than ever.

The Phoenix Biomedical Campus—which is home to more than a dozen research facilities—serves as a natural extension of the learning environment provided by the nearby convention center. The biomedical campus’ numerous classrooms and laboratories—all technologically sophisticated and designed for environmental sustainability—offer smart options for off-site meetings and tours.

Top 5 Reasons To Hold Your Next Medical Meetings In Phoenix

  1. The Phoenix Biomedical Campus is located three blocks from the Phoenix Convention Center.

  2. The biomedical campus provides access to a roster of speakers who are experts in medical training, research technology and patient care.

  3. The biomedical campus’ aesthetically striking classrooms and laboratories are perfect for off-site meetings, special events and hands-on simulation training.

  4. Phoenix Convention Center offers pre-approved, HCP-compliant meeting packages.

  5. More than 3,000 hotel rooms are within walking distance of the convention center and biomedical campus.