In Phoenix, not all art is in galleries. These six not-to-be-missed street artists and muralists have decked out alleys and splashed inspiring works on the walls of local businesses, many in the downtown Roosevelt Row Arts District. Enjoy their posts, and go see their art in person for your own Instagram-worthy photos.  


1. @t_krank    

Talented artist Tyson Krank transforms portraits into colorful larger-than-life faces with detailed linework.

Location of this mural: 5th St and Roosevelt St


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2. @jb_snyder

Artist JB Snyder has an eye for converting ordinary spaces into masterpieces with his vibrant, fluid shapes.  

Location of this mural: 220 E Roosevelt St


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3. @lalocota

This renowned street artist has contributed to some noteworthy murals in Phoenix, and his Dia de los Muertos-style figures are as vibrant as the downtown scene you can find them in.

Location of this mural: 5th St, south of Roosevelt


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4. @tatocaraveo

Tato brings life to Phoenix through pieces with whimsical characters and stunning colors.

Location of this mural: 4th St and Roosevelt St


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5. @breeze1phx

Thomas "Breeze" Marcus’ powerful works are easily recognizable from their intricacy of layers of shapes. 



6. @theallelectrickitchen

J. Slim describes his art as Indigenous Futurism, a style that seems to combine inspiration from his heritage with bold, urban forms.

Location of this mural: Palabras Bookstore on McDowell Road and 18th St.