Buzz-worthy eateries are as plentiful in Greater Phoenix as cactuses, and they come in just as many varieties. Some are the creations of celebrity chefs who grace the pages of magazines and the sets of cooking shows. Others are local gems that serve Southwestern and Mexican dishes crafted from homegrown ingredients such as peppers, pomegranates and citrus fruits.

In between you’ll find flavors from faraway lands and cozy wine bars that pair fantastic food with great grape. And if you’re hankering for some meaty American fare, be sure to swagger into one of Phoenix’s famous steakhouses.


Restaurant Roundups

From the best places to cozy up with coffee to top spots for Middle East eats, Latin cuisine, tempting Thai dishes, and lots more, we've got you covered.

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Phoenix Breweries

Greater Phoenix's burgeoning brewery scene is home to more than 35 breweries and counting. Get the details on the desert's hop havens with our Phoenix breweries blog post.


Culinary Tales

In these selections from our PHX Stories, local writers take us on a light rail pub crawl, indulge in Southern cravings, take a slice out of Phoenix's pizza scene, and more. 

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