Let us help you! Visit Phoenix’s Media Relations department is available to assist members from media organizations. We’re committed to telling our best story and helping media capture the very essence of the urban heart of Arizona.

We offer a wide range of services including:

  • Story ideas and development.

  • Assistance to qualified media on assignment for participation on group media tours or coordination of customized media tours and itinerary development.

  • Media resources including video and B-roll footage, high-resolution photography, and fact-checking services.

  • Connecting you to various restaurants, properties and attractions and cultural venues.


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Contact Us

The Media Relations Department provides itinerary and story assistance to qualified media. For more information, please contact:

Doug MacKenzie, Director of Media Relations
(602) 452-6250

Sarah Boyd, Media Relations Manager
(602) 452-6249

For inquiries regarding Visit Phoenix initiatives or the local visitor industry, please contact Megan Trummel, Director of Marketing & Corporate Communications.
(602) 452-6251